Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oi Pessoal,

the blog was quiet for a very long time, but let's start again. Now with Alex adventures :) He is getting so funny that I must share his baloney with you. He is now 17 months old, walking like a drunk for about a month, and blurbing nonsense the whole time :)


This is the first really hot week in Munich, over 30 degrees is the forecast for the whole week. Yuhuuuuu! Happyness invaded me :) However, it does not have to get hotter, right? This seems not to be clear to everyone in this house...

Frank and me woke up sweating like pigs, even me, who do not sweat until it gets to 35 degrees. This cannot be possible, something must be wrong. And it was...

We walk around the sleeping room to try to get up, while Alex gives first signs of waking up. Frank decides to go there and pick him up for his bottle. On the way there:
Me: WHAT???????
Frank: The heating is on, on its maximum!
Me: WTF? (In German: WÄ?)

Conclusion: The day before Alex was playing around, and nobody saw him turning on the heating system... And he didn't turn it off again!

To get things worse: We have a very old heating system (Nachtspeicheröl), that saves energy during the night and keeps warm during the day. But the stupid thing stayed warm for the whole 3 days when we had 30 degrees!

Even worse: Now it got back to the usual 15, and I am not able to turn this stupid thing on :(

If he new what he was doing, these would be his faces:

Playing with the heating:

The day after:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Little Mr. Spocky


I've got 5 minutes to write before the next terror attack, so here a funny story.

For Christmas I got the  complete 7 seasons of Star Trek: The next generation. Since I was already on maternity leave, I watched 2-3 episodes per day. After one week I had a dream where Mr. Spock was the father of Alexander. After that Frank forbid me to watch it for another week...

But now I have a reason to believe this dream had something to tell us. Below a picture I took from Alex today. What do you think? :)))))

And for the curious ones, this is Alex this week:

So long,


Friday, November 25, 2011

Alexander is on the way


this video was made on 19/10/11. Cute :) Alexander moves

I am not there yet, but a first picture was already taken. I am eager to meet all of you in the outside world!


Friday, July 15, 2011

A new life is beginning

It is time to post something here again. It has been sooo long since the last one. I'm sorry!

This time I have some very good news:
Yeah, this is true :) Expected date is Feb/12. So far everything is going very well with mom and the little thing, although some very strange things are happening:

- I cannot stand Garlic anymore (I used to love it)
- No desire for chocolates (really, really strange
- I could live on Pizza, pasta and Potatos (I could that before as well)
- I am sleeping more time than I stay awake. I used to sleep very much earlier, but now even I am impressed with it ;)

I miss Sushi soooo much! This is the only bad part of it: no raw meat or fish. My vampire side will have to be very very patient... I will probably need some meditation classes :)

I will now try to keep you updated more often!



Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Fotos! Fotos! fotos!

Some of the holidays pictures are uploaded already.

The remaining will (hopefully) be uploaded in the weekend.


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Some more pictures

Palm Beach:

Universal Studios:

Halloween Party:

After riding that green one behind the scene you may feel your organs are occupying different places inside your body...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Summer Holidays

Just to give you some of the impressions we are having here. I will not say much, from the pictures you can tell if we are enjoying it :)

Fort Lauderdale

Miami Beach:

Key Largo:

Dania Beach:

That's it for now, I will post some more later!